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What Is The Role Of 8011 Aluminum Foil Tape?

What Is The Role Of 8011 Aluminum Foil Tape?

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What is the role of 8011 aluminum foil tape? Answer: 1. The acrylic tape is coated with high-quality aluminum foil, and the rolled tape is made of anti-adhesive paper. It has strong adhesive force, good temperature resistance and is not easy to age. It is used for fixing the evaporation tube of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and refrigerators. 2, with glass wool pad compression composite, used for automotive insulation mat insulation is popular, that is, we usually do not reflect the kind of air conditioning refrigerator; 8011 aluminum foil tape can be used in all kinds of transformers, laptops, computers, mobile phones, PDP In PDA, LED display, copier and other electronic products, the main role is to play the electromagnetic shielding function.

Mingtai Aluminum is a supplier of aluminum foil for the production of 8011 aluminum foil tape substrate. It has a large scale and outstanding quality.

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