Top 7 facts about Social Media for Business

1. Increase your brand awareness and reach with a little budget : Social media allows you to share content quickly and easily to a large number of potential customers at little to no cost. The Internet has made the power of word of mouth awesome to behold. But rumors travel as fast as good news! Having a social media strategy puts you in control of the conversations happening around your business online. It allows you to tell your story, driving your brand reputation. It offers another marketing channel for creating brand awareness, relationship building or driving new sales. So why not use it especially when it’s free.

2. Know your customer better: Social media shouldn’t only be about broadcasting your message to your fans and followers. Taking the time to actually listen to your customers is extremely valuable to your business. Learning about your audience will help you cater campaigns and produce offers to your target customers, and eventually provide you a better return on investment. Engage with customers. Did you now that 71% of customers who experienced a quick and effective brand response on social media were more likely to recommend this brand to others? Interacting with your audience and inducing a positive word of mouth will efficiently help you attract more customers.

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