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AMP Pigments’ Pearlescent Pigments are trusted by every industrie around the world. Our obligation to quality and development has procured us a standing as a main manufacturer of varieties of pearl pigments. Visit our website To know more

This is a brief look into the way our pigments are used across various countries:

In Italy, known for its rich creative legacy, our premium pigments are used on top of the line cosmetics products. Italian fashioners and brands depend on our brilliant and opalescent pigments to make products that hang out in a market. The interesting special visualizations given by our Indian Origin Pigments improve the charm of Italian merchandise. In Nepal, our Iridescent Pigments are used in customary specialties and current applications. The shades of our Indian Origin Pigments are especially well known in the formation of carefully manufactured things. Algeria's expanding automotive industry benefits extraordinarily from our synthetic gold pearl pigments. These pigments give a lavish competition to vehicles, lining up with the developing interest for very good quality cars in the country. In Kenya, our Pigments are causing disturbances in the magnificence and style ventures. Kenyan brands use our luminous and pearlized pigments to make intense, lively items that take care of a different customer base. The design business additionally uses our varieties of pigments to create textures with shocking visual outcomes, adding to the country's dynamic material market.

Pearl Pigments are something beyond colorants; they are groundbreaking components that upgrade the items across different industries. AMP Pigments, with its broad scope of premium pigments, is a trusted accomplice for manufacturers around the world.
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