Leverage Video Collaboration Software for your Retail Commerce

Giving customers opportunities in real-time helps businesses increase sales, build brand trust, and offer better product choices. Collaboration technology helps bring teams closer to serve the customer better and operate businesses. Whether in the back office or store floor, collaborative teams can work better, and be responsive to potential customers.

Accelerating decision-making by reducing travel time is one of the key aspects of collaboration for the retail sector. Using tailored video conferencing products or software helps retailers rely on video collaboration to meet business goals at various stages. That means from production to streamlining supply chains, and enhancing point point-of-sale. These solutions give retailers a competitive edge and reduce CapEx.

“Based on a study by Gartner, 54% of the retailers say omnichannel initiatives are top priorities”.

Shopping from all channels allows customers to use digital & mobile devices. Video collaboration tools enable retailers opportunities to connect with various teams, supply chain associates, and third-party partners. New collaboration solutions in retail are empowering business associates to perform their jobs better. For internal teams, video conferencing software enables internal teams to train and learn better with webinars, whiteboards, presentations, etc.

As organizations enable greater work flexibility, retail sales professionals are coming up with new ways to approach and connect with customers or prospects. Shoppers are looking at simpler and more personalized channels of shopping, thus, retail owners need to adopt video conferencing for a great shopping experience.

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