Impact of Training on Employee Performance

With the fast-evolving world, increasing competition and new technology, it is imperative for an organization to keep their business formula, technology in use as well as employee skills updated. For this reason, departments and policies like employee training and development and, research and development (R & D) are put into practice. Research has shown that there is ample evidence suggesting that there is “a medium to large size effect for organizational training” (Arthur Jr., 2003).

Furthermore, given the training method implemented, the skills taught and the chosen evaluation criteria are all the factors which are related to the effectiveness of the training program. Findings have shown that there is a clear relationship between learning and performance. Moreover, there also exists a moderated relationship between training motivation and response with regards to learning. However, it should be understood that training is a complex process which may moderate some relationship while mediating others (John E. Mathieu, 1992). Coaching or training at a workplace not only contributes to skill development of the employees but also brings positive outcomes for the organization.

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