Food Additive PGMS 90 Emulsifier Supplier and Manufacturer

Propylene Glycol Esters (PGMS90%)
PGMS 90% is a white waxy mass. It is used as emulsifier and stabilizer, and is often used in combination with other emulsifiers such as mono- and di-glycerides to synergize. In addition to bread and pastries in Japan and the United States, it is also used in margarine and ice cream. In margarine, it mainly prevents water droplet separation and water "splash", and in ice cream, it mainly plays the role of improving foamability and shape retention.
EEC NO. E477
CAS NO. 1323-39-3
CODE: Propylene Glycol Esters (PGMS90%)
Color: Cream to light yellow / As a pale yellow
Appearance: Beads / waxy solid or liquid