Digital transformation spurred US investment in India amidst COVID 19, Japan lagged

Asian Community News (ACN) Network is an online non-political News & Media service covering developments around Asian Communities, with a prime focus on communities from Japan, South Korea, China, and other east and Southeast Asian countries – their art, culture, lifestyle, tourism, trade & commerce and other human concerns. The truth behind this paradox lies with the USA challenging India’s new age economy, which is driven by the digital economy. Japan trailed behind because it was not sufficiently experienced in digital transformation even in its own economy. India announced 1 trillion of the economic value of the digital market by 2025. That lured American investors. Japanese were not responsive.
India emerged as the second biggest internet connection in the world, next to China. With nearly half a billion internet connections and the second-biggest smartphone users, India emerged as the global leader for digital solutions.

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