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The governance of African resources, political interests, economic inclinations, cultural, and power contexts might be the most serious concern for Africans in the twenty-first century. Who is in charge of... Read More

Upon tremendous triumph and success of Pakistan’s military campaign “Operation Searchlight” (March-May 1971), the Mukti Bahini (Bengali local troops hailing from eastern Pakistan), resistance and protest against forceful accession crumbled... Read More

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Wonk is India’s only digital magazine that covers security inside out. It focuses on demystifying security as an issue from the defence, polity and technology standpoints. You will find the... Read More

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Sri Kavery pumps is setting new standards in pumping Solutions. We deliver well-engineered pumps for drinking, irrigation, sanitation, health & personal hygiene water requirements. All of the equipment at Sri Kavery... Read More

We are Called as the Best Goat Farming Training Centre

The golden Goat farming training centre was started by Mr Naeem Qureshi in Farah, Mathura with the aim to improve the source of livelihood of farmers. He observed how the... Read More

Welcome to Golden Commercial Goat Farming Training Center

At golden goat farming training centre which is best goat farming training centre in UP, we give you the best experience. Our three-day training provides full information about the goat... Read More