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InvenTel.TV LLC ("Inventel") has no tolerance for counterfeiting. Counterfeit items may look similar to our authentic products, but they are not, and they do not adhere to Inventel’s rigorous... Read More

Working out at the gym can put a strain on every muscle in your body, including your feet, ankles, and calves. To minimize the risk of injury and alleviate post-workout... Read More

ALINE basketball insoles are meticulously designed to optimize body alignment and provide essential foot protection, significantly enhancing on-court performance. Engineered for superior comfort, these advanced insoles effectively minimize discomfort, injuries,... Read More

ALINE insoles have gained recognition for their scientifically proven capability to enhance ankle and knee alignment by an impressive 66%. Utilizing patented technology, these shoe inserts go beyond improving athletic... Read More

Inventel.TV LLC is dedicated to ensuring its services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. We have invested significant resources to improve the usability and accessibility of our website, guided by... Read More

Tired of the basic, thin inserts that often accompany your favorite cleats? You're not alone. Many cleats prioritize lightweight and flexibility with their insoles, but this can sometimes mean sacrificing... Read More