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White Kimono With Embroidered Sleeves & Centre Front

levate your style with our exquisite white kimono, featuring intricate embroidery on sleeves and centre front. Luxurious fabric, elegant design, and impeccable craftsmanship make this piece a timeless treasure. Perfect... Read More

Toile Red Screen Printed Abaya in Pakistan

Elegance meets artistry in our Toile Red Screen Printed Abaya! Exclusively designed in Pakistan, this stunning abaya features intricate screen printing on luxurious fabric. Perfect for special occasions or everyday... Read More

Front Closed Blue Zipper Abaya in Nida Fabric

Elegance meets functionality in our Front Closed Blue Zipper Abaya! Made from luxurious Nida fabric, this abaya features a convenient zipper closure, sleek design, and comfortable fit. Perfect for modest... Read More