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Temple jewelry is a thing in India. No other culture in the world has a whole branch of the complex art of jewelry-making devoted to spiritual life. Having evolved in... Read More

Lord Shiva is a confluence of sannyasa (asceticism) and sansara (householding). While He is worshipped as the Yogishvara Adinatha, He is also venerated as the divine householder. He is the... Read More

This remarkable sculpture is made of special bronze from Swamimalai, a town in an Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The ancient technique by which it is made is called as... Read More

The majestic Lord Ganesha is seated on an upturned-lotus throne. This chaturbhujadhari (the one possessed of four arms) figure seated in lalitasana is a widely loved and worshipped roopa (form)... Read More

Lord Ganesha's nature is to shower fortune and bliss wherever he is worshipped and here also he is holding a traditional lamp via chain by his twisted trunk. Well, in... Read More

Lord Ganesha is a baal-deva, a child (baal) of the divine order of the devas. He is an integral part of Shiva-parivar and the Devi Durga offspring retinue in devotional... Read More

She is the goddess of compassion and mother of liberation. Green Tara is the wisdom Buddha who protects her devotees from all obstacles and fulfills their wishes. She is one... Read More

In Hindu Religion Rasaleela is an interesting phenomenon. It refers to the ihalokiya (earthly) conduct - ‘leela’ - of the Vishnu-avatara Krishna. The word ‘rasa’ translates to aesthetics. As such,... Read More

This Shaivite pendant is quite the thing to go into your jewelry box if you are a devotee of Shiva. Fashioned from gold and drawn into the deity's signature trishool... Read More

A supreme master of all knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, as can be analyzed from his name Ganapati, where ‘Ga’ means buddhi (intelligence), ‘Na’ means vijnana (wisdom), and ‘Pati’ means master.... Read More