Academy99 CS professional pendrive

Academy99 provides an affordable, non-interruptive, most search intuitive online bookstore option to the people of India; designed and conceptualized by our founders Mr. Anoop Jain. You can find India's highly publicized and loved publication houses and authors here on this platform releasing their books.

AJ Education and Publication LLP (of which Academy99 is a business unit) associated in a charity partnership with CRY Foundation (India's most genuine and most gratified NGO working towards child Education and Development). You are requested to support us in our journey; we pledge to all of you all to take a step and add some extra bucks in your cart value to help those underprivileged children. Because "Agar India Padhega Nahi Toh Badhega Kese.

Visit our social media pages, follow us, and support our initiative #AbIndiaPadhega with your love, sharing & caring.

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